QuadZilla and the Finger Lakes 555km


QuadZilla and the Finger Lakes 555km Results 2000:


29 entrants, 3 DNS.


QuadZilla Finishers:


Dennis DeLong, Rochester, NY  32 hrs. 00 min.

Dennis is our local RAAM rider, plus many other wins in various ultra races.


Wesley Wilmer, Roanoke, VA  32 hrs. 5 min.

Wes did PAC Tour East and then flew from Portland, Maine to Ithaca, NY on Friday for the ride start at 5:am Saturday.


Dan Jordan, Liberty, MO  34 hrs. 35 min.

Bill Schwarz, Kinderhook, NY  34 hrs. 35 min.

Chris Pile, Norwalk, CT  37 hrs. 00 min.

Mike Seager, Penfield, NY  38 hrs. 10 min. (Mike is the only person to complete all three QZ's)

Blaine Chamberlain, Montour Falls, NY  39 hrs. 44 min

Mark Sheehan, Elmira, NY  39 hrs. 44 min.

Russ Loomis, Williamsburg, MA  39 hrs. 55 min.

David Cohen, Philadelphia, PA  39 hrs. 55 min.

Jim Black, Chemung, NY  39 hrs. 55 min.


FL555km Finishers:


Tom Evans, Mendon, NY  31 hrs. 59 min. (Tom is Paul Evans brother)

Mark Frank, Rochester, NY  42 hrs. 15 min. (Over the time limit)


Other Known High Mileages over 300 miles:


Paul Evans, Waynesboro, VA

Brian Curtis, Walker, MI (First ultra event!)

Roger Byrom, New York, NY

John Rowe, Cambridge, Ontario Canada

Don Connolly, Wilmington, DE (~ 150 miles on a recumbent, first ultra event).


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