QuadZilla and the FL350 were held July 29-30, 2006. Riders endured hot, humid conditions with thundershowers drenching most everyone during the early evening Saturday. Steep climbing tested the riders throughout the day and into the night. Of 25 entries we had 23 starters and 16 finishers (listed below). Congratulations to all that attempt the QuadZilla.


38:30:00 Barnard Andrew      Ithaca, NY

36:44:00 Becker Richard      Madison, WI

36:41:00 Berry Brian      Mount Tremper, NY

35:53:00 Cernak Wayne      Westhampton, MA

32:40:00 Compton John      Burdett, NY

46:40:00 Dulieu Michelle      Webster, NY

32:40:00 DeLong Dennis      Greece, NY

36:37:00 Fessenden John      Horseheads, NY

41:30:00 Goodnight Tony      Salisbury, NC

39:30:00 Harris Guy      Asbury, NJ

32:40:00 Johnson Bryan      Windham, NH

38:30:00 Magnuson Jeffrey      Washington, DC

38:30:00 Mento Chris      Glen Burnie, MD

39:30:00 Pruitt Ralph       Holmes, NY

39:00:00 Settle Matt      Strasburg, VA

36:44:00 van den Bulk** Caroline      Huntsville, ON - CA


** Denotes New Women's Record


Congratulations to our new Women's record holder Caroline van den Bulk, age 39, a bike shop owner from Huntsville, Ontario and a past participant in many high profile biking events around the world. Her determination never wavered and she beat the previous record by 21 minutes. RAAM is in her future plans.


Congratulations also to Michelle Dulieu who never quit even after everyone else finished. Michelle kept riding and did finsh the event - over 4 hours past the brevet cut-off time. That is an incredible display of perseverance!


It was great to see some young men challenge the course. Andrew Barnard, a 20 year old local from Ithaca, hammered away all day and night and finished in fine form.


Our local legend and past RAAM rider Dennis DeLong smoked the course and was seemingly unaffected by the heat and hills.


No riders attempted or dropped back to the FL350 course. Everyone was either all in for QZ or DNF'ed along the route.


Considering the heat, humidity, wind and thundershowers the DNF rate was low this year, approximately 30%. Many years it has been at 50%. This is a testament to the tenacity of the riders this year although most all of them needed to ride without any real sleep for the duration. Many thanks to our sponsor Hammer Nutrition for fueling the cyclists for up to 46 hours.



Brian Managan writes:

Subject: Quadzilla photos


From the Canandaigua rest stop.


let's see ....

Blistering heat .....

Wind and Storms ....

Finger Lakes Hills .....

and MY cooking! Eeeeewwwww!!!

How tough can it get?

You folks are freakin' AWESOME!!!!


Many congrats to EVERYONE @ the 2006 Quadzilla!!!!


Brian and Karen Managan ... your Canandaigua rest stop hosts.




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